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by Bobby Mac
New England's Premier Charity Ride Trainer

Planet Bike Ozone Steel Pump
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It is important to fill your tires to their maximum recommended pressure before riding (except when riding in wet or slippery conditions, when it will improve your adhesion to run about ten percent less pressure). Under-inflated tires are prone to flats, offer more rolling resistance and can even come off the rim while riding (Ouch!). The Solution?

The Planet Bike Ozone Steel Pump. We use this sturdy unit every day at the Quad Cycles shop. Its quick-lock head accepts presta and schraeder valves without changing washers. The pump can reach pressures of 160 psi and has a settable, easy-to-read gauge. Don't forget - Mention this review and get a $5 "Bobby Mac" discount!

AirChuck Mini-CO2 Tire Inflator

On the road, Bobby Mac carries an Innovations AirChuck. At 21 grams it's the lightest inflation pump on the market. It's easy to use and fits both Presta and Schraeder valves. The best pump to take on a ride!

CycleOps Fluid-2 Trainer

CycleOps Fluid-2 Trainer

When work schedules and weather conditions make it impossible to train outdoors, the Quad Squad relies on the CycleOps Fluid-2 Trainer. This is a sturdy trainer with a 2in. diameter steel tubing frame and solid cast aluminum resistance unit. If offers a smooth, stable, quiet ride with a realistic road-like feel. Resistance is determined by the speed of your wheels with a power variance of 20 to 750 watts. There is plenty of flexibility to get both an aerobic endurance or intense interval workout.

CYTOMAX Exercise and Recovery Drink

This stuff has been around since Moby Dick was a minnow. Over the years I have tried just about every sports drink on the market, but Cytomax has been a keeper. The entire Quad Squad drinks the Exercise and Recovery Drink, as well as the Pro Performance supplement. During one of our trips to Turkey we consumed 6 pounds of the stuff in a 2 week period. Cytomax replaces electrolytes, helps fight fatigue, increases stamina, prevents burning and cramping, and aids in the muscle recovery process. Not bad for 50 cents a serving.

Flavors include: Tropical Fruit, Apple Berry, Peachy Keen, Go Grape, Tangy Orange and Team Quad's favorite, Cool Citrus.

Quick Tip: On long rides I use twice the recommended water to ensure proper hydration.

Check back for more of Bobby Mac's reviews.



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